Friday Favourites (parts of speech)

Favourite chips: All Dressed. Favourite candy: Fuzzy Peaches. Favourite berry: Saskatoon. Favourite part of speech: interjection. Hey! That’s a strange part of speech. Yep! It sure is. (Cheesy alert!) Interjections are part of our verbal communication all the time, and even on social media or in text messages. But what are they, really? I thinkContinue reading “Friday Favourites (parts of speech)”

Friday Favourites (punctuation)

Parents, teachers, and anyone working with children know that favourites is a hot topic. My favourite book or movie changes each time someone asks because I have so MANY favourites (if that is even a thing). So, what about punctuation… Here are my three favourite (right now) punctuation marks. (Nerd alert!!) Oxford Comma The OxfordContinue reading “Friday Favourites (punctuation)”