Friday Favourites (parts of speech)

Favourite chips: All Dressed. Favourite candy: Fuzzy Peaches. Favourite berry: Saskatoon. Favourite part of speech: interjection.

Hey! That’s a strange part of speech. Yep! It sure is. (Cheesy alert!)

Interjections are part of our verbal communication all the time, and even on social media or in text messages. But what are they, really? I think I’ll let the School House Rock team teach you about interjections. (Just watch the video!)

We don’t see interjections in written work too often. I feel that they were something that had it’s time in literature, then fell out of favour. We see them more in popular literature (I’m thinking chick lit, for example). This website has an entire page devoted to the interjections in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Brilliant!

When I think of interjections, I think of emotions. As a reader we want to feel the emotions of the characters; we want to understand their reactions to situations in a way we relate to as fellow humans (are characters human if they aren’t actually alive??). But interjections are a create way for authors to ramp up the tension and emotion within scenes to get the reader paying attention. The more clues the writer can give to the reader, the more exciting the reading experience.

As a fan of the interjection, I think it’s time we brought it back. Bring the emotion back into our writing. (Well, maybe not in your business or non-fiction writing perhaps.)

What are some of your favourite parts of speech?