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Editing and tutoring: working words.

A small Calgary, Alberta company helping folks feel confident about their writing and communication skills. Providing freelance editing and helping to add clarity and concision.




Looking for some support with a high school or university essay? Looking for some help reading a Science or History textbook? From Grade 7 and on, tutoring can help supplement your classwork.



Have a novel you want someone to read over that isn't a family member or a friend? From character development to grammar suggestions, editing can help you get your manuscript ready to send to a publisher.

Have some other documents that need a keen eye? From resumes to presentations, editing can help you get your writing looking professional.





My daughter was struggling with her science and social studies. I found I must do something for my daughter, so I met Marlies. She is so amazing, professional and patient. My daughter has developed a love for learning with Marlies. In a short few months I have seen her confidence grow and her eagerness to learn has improved!

Thank you to Marlies. You are doing a phenomenal JOB!

Carina, mother of Helen (Grade 8 student)


I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Marlies for two years. She has assisted me with planning writing assignments and reviewed my content. She teaches how to do so you can improve your writing. She also points out areas of improvement.

My grades have consistently improved since I have worked with her. I would highly recommend her.

Connor B (Grade 11 student)



Marlies from Working Words was a joy to work with when she proofread/edited my novel. She is friendly and approachable (so important when you’re handing over your ‘baby’ for review) but she was also highly professional. Marlies’ feedback was delivered promptly and was thoughtful, thorough, and always helpful.

Marlies goes the extra mile for her clients. Although she was primarily providing technical feedback, she very generously gave me constructive ideas on plot and characterization.

Thanks so much for all your help, Marlies!

Julie Baker (author)


Marlies stepped into the erratically flowing, rock-strewn stream of my creative writing effortlessly, almost as if she had read the story before and already knew her way. Her enthusiasm for my first-time attempts at writing was exactly what I needed, and her astute critiques and corrections, though warm and friendly, had an iron core of decisiveness about them that left me knowing I needed to implement them as soon as possible. I believe there was only one time I disagreed with her, but then realized she couldn’t possibly have known the meaning of the background to that feature because I hadn’t yet written it.

Above all, Marlies made me very aware that writings need to be read, and that a writer must be very aware of how readers will navigate the course of those writings and strive to ensure their experience is smooth and the content captivating, even breathtaking.

Thanks, Marlies!

Doug Hunter (author)