Working words to help you communicate with confidence and clarity.

Tutoring: Online

Fee: $60 per hour.

Working over Google Meet, Zoom, or even a phone call, we can go over assignments together, or even read together. My focus is on English and Social Studies for grades 7-12.

Or, ask for feedback and comments on documents (like essays) sent via email, or share over Google, without working together.

Online tutoring is a great way to support your learning in a convenient way.



Fee: $50 per hour, or negotiated rate per document.

Novel manuscript editing: working with you to go over your manuscript for clarity, consistency, and concision in order to get you feeling confident in your novel and ready to send it to a publisher. My focus is mainly on fiction (I have experience with romance and fantasy).

Copyediting: reviewing completed work for correctness, clarity, and concision. This could include resumes, cover letters, letters of intention, condo documents, and more.

Structural editing: revising and sometimes reorganizing information in a document to help it develop and flow. From notes at the beginning of a project, or even a draft, structural editing helps to improve the structure and development of ideas.

Rewriting: taking information or writing and reworking it entirely to communicate to a specific audience. Rewriting is great for taking jargon-rich content and making it more accessible to a larger audience.