Nonfiction Editing

Working Words will help you communicate with confidence and clarity in your own voice.





I have experience working with (and enjoy working with) memoirs and spiritual books.





A manuscript evaluation is perfect for authors who want some general feedback about their book (similar to beta readers). A manuscript evaluation includes a detailed letter about the overall strengths of your work and where there is room to make improvements. More specifically, I will provide feedback on your intended audience, any major issues with your structure, and suggestions for further idea development or organization. I will also suggest if your manuscript needs a collaborative edit or copyedit.




Collaborative editing examines all aspects of your project: idea development, idea organization, stylistic choices, consistency, and grammar. My feedback includes specific comments and suggested solutions to support you in creating the best work possible. This editing process is collaborative because I work with authors to both develop and organize their ideas, and I also provide feedback on how to improve author's writing skills with suggestions and feedback. I use comments, chapter notes, and Track Changes to create an on-going conversation with authors on how to continue to improve and work on their projects.




Copyediting is ideal for writers who already have a solid structure and need some support with grammar, punctuation, spelling, wordiness, clarity, and consistency. I provide comments and feedback to improve readability, sentence structure, and consistency of tone and flow. This style of editing is often done with a style guide (think MLA, APA, Chicago) to keep the writing consistent throughout.



To see if my editing style fits your needs, I offer clients a sample edit. I follow the Editors Canada guidelines for fees. Please contact me to receive a quote.


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